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  1. Select and buy the event / race available at in which you want to participate
  2. You will receive an e-mail with access to the competition server and / or the link to download the circuit and / or the cars.
  3. Make sure you have Assetto Corsa and the Steam app installed.
  4. If we have sent you a link with the circuit, download it to be able to play.

On the event page, check the event type, car, track, conditions and other event information

    1. 1. Windows PC.
    2. 2. Assetto Corsa on Steam.
      3. Access to the COMPETITION SERVER.
    3. 4. Discrod.
      5. Steering wheel and foot controller: highly recommended.

VIRTUAL SIM RACING currently runs only on Windows PC.

(Italian for “Race Setup”) is a sim racing video game developed by Italian video game developer Kunos Simulazioni. It is designed with an emphasis on a realistic racing experience with support for extensive customization and modifiable.

Currently, the only simulation software supported by the platform is Assetto Corsa for Microsoft Windows. Check the hardware requirements on the Assetto Corsa official website.

For a complete VIRTUAL SIM RACING platform experience, we recommend purchasing the Assetto Corsa ULTIMATE EDITION package.

Actualmente, el único software de simulación que admite la plataforma es Assetto Corsa para Microsoft Windows. Consulte los requisitos de hardware en el sitio web oficial de Assetto Corsa.

Para una experiencia completa de la plataforma VIRTUAL SIM RACING, recomendamos comprar el paquete Assetto Corsa ULTIMATE EDITION.

It is the access that allows you to participate in the races organized by VIRTUAL SIM RACING. Remember that it is necessary to have the Assetto Corsa installed.

Participation in the races organized by VIRTUAL SIM RACING has a cost that varies depending on the event / race in which you want to participate.

Once you buy your participation in a race you will have the circuit to train for free and practice as many times as you need.

But if you still need more, you can always reserve hours to train in our training center with a real simulator. (VirtualSimCenter – Coming soon).

SIM RACING VIRTUAL uses a sophisticated calculation system to define the qualification of each controller: the ELO qualification system. If you win against a driver with a higher rating, you will get more rating points than winning against a driver with a lower rating. In a race you basically win against everyone behind you and lose against everyone in front of you.

In race events where there are an unlimited number of registered pilots and more registered pilots than the circuit allows, the system will divide pilots into multiple divisions and create multiple servers. Top rated pilots appear in Division 1, lowest rated pilots appear in Division 2, and so on.

To connect to the VIRTUAL SIM RACING servers currently, you must start through the VIRTUAL SIM RACING servers, but Content Manager works fine to configure Assetto Corsa

Please use the Chrome browser. If the problem persists, connect to the VIRTUAL SIM RACING server and check for messages or errors. If everything is on the VIRTUAL SIM RACING servers, it should show “Done”.

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