You can contact the competition administrators at any time through Discord server: cuyXjs7. The VIRTUAL SIM RACING management team will assist you as soon as possible.

In the event that you need to report any problem in a match during the competition, you should open an inquiry at Discord server: cuyXjs7.

Protests made after more than 1 hour after the championship has closed could be considered invalid. When there is a problem always try to put yourself in
Contact with the administration, before, during or at the end of the meeting.

If you have detected an irregularity or problem before starting the game, you must open a protest to solve it. If you still start and end the game,
Regardless of the result, no protest will be accepted about the detected problem, because when entering the competition, you assume and fully accept said
● Protests about any irregularity / problem must be accompanied by evidence (capture, images, videos …) that demonstrate the accusations made.
● Incorrect use of the protest function can be penalized.

Where can I create a protest?
Find your championship and open the protest with the information and the time by sending to Discord server: cuyXjs7.

All participants must comply with the decisions and rules of the tournament organization, administrators and controllers. All decisions are irrevocable except for appeals. Conversations between administrators, controllers and
Participants are confidential.

Posting or sharing these conversations on social media or other means is strictly prohibited unless you have permission from the administration. Otherwise, the player will be sanctioned according to the severity of the facts.

Both the players and the administration / organization itself deserve a minimum of respect during and after the competition. All those players / organizations that do not comply with this regulation will be severely punished according to the seriousness of the facts.

The stipulated rewards cannot be exchanged for their cash value or any other service or merchandise. If for any reason any of the announced rewards is not available, the sponsor reserves the right to substitute it for a reward of the same or greater value. Rewards are not transferable, if a player cannot or is not allowed to accept a rewards, it will be awarded to the next winner.

In the case of physical prizes (hardware, peripherals, games …) they will only be made to national shipments. If there is a member of the team who is a foreigner and wants to receive their prize, it will be the team or colleagues who will have to manage said shipment.
The prizes where the players / teams win cash must take into account that the income will be only to Spanish accounts. If a player does not have one, another teammate must create or facilitate entry with the player’s required authorization.

The delivery of rewards can take up to 90 days from the receipt of the data by the player / team. The organization will do everything possible so that the player / team can enjoy the reward as soon as possible.

It is important that both the players and the teams know that they have a period of 60 days from the receipt of the data request to fill in the corresponding document. After that time, players / teams cannot claim their share of the reward in any way.

Those competitions that the same players / teams must claim the reward have the same application period. Otherwise, the claim to the prize will be rejected.

VIRTUAL SIM RACING will take care of the application for the following prizes:

Cash rewards
Reward with personal data request

The competitions where the reward does not correspond to the previous point will be the players / teams themselves who will be responsible for requesting said rewards. If in doubt, you can visit the reward section in the “info” tab of the competition to see if you should claim the reward.

The team leader / captain will be responsible for the distribution of the rewars and for informing their players of any errors with the data. VIRTUAL SIM RACING is not responsible for the mismanagement or distribution made by the captain.

Official communications from VIRTUAL SIM RACING to teams or players in case of need for a tiebreaker of points, processing of rewards, key changes in regulations or other cases not covered, will be made via email to the player, leader or team captain, in addition of the manager and the organization in the event that they are reflected in it.

The teams or players must be responsible for these procedures and check their email regularly in the event that they are in a situation mentioned above such as the process of prizes or tiebreaks. VIRTUAL SIM RACING is not responsible for the lack of communication or misunderstanding by the interested parties.

Any problem related to the management of rewards, please contact the support administration or monitor your email to check if you have any new information about it.

All participants have to follow the configurations indicated in the regulations. Alternative agreements or configurations are not allowed.

To participate, the following steps must be followed:

  • The player must register for the competition from the website.
  • At the start of the tournament, the player must upload a capture of his fastest lap made through a form.
  • Any player who is not registered in the competition will not be taken into account in the form.

It is very important to follow all the rules of VIRTUAL SIM RACING, otherwise it may entail the application of sanctions and ultimately the expulsion from the event / race.

If there is a game chat available during the event it should not be used to contact an administrator. The support / protest ticket must be made through Discord server: cuyXjs7. We are not responsible if the tickets are not answered in time by sending them to the wrong section.

Administrators have the right to make a decision outside or even against the Rules in special cases to ensure fair play.

VIRTUAL SIM RACING reserves the right to prohibit the use of names, unwanted or busy symbols in its competitions. Any registered word or symbol is totally prohibited unless the owner authorizes it.
No promotions or advertisements from sponsors who are known for pornography, drug use, or other subjects are allowed.

VIRTUAL SIM RACING reserves the right to use material from all its matches (images, videos, broadcasts, replays, demos, screenshots, etc.)

Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. When the deception is discovered, the team in question will be immediately removed from the tournament and will be penalized as appropriate. Players may be required to install anticheat software on their devices for the duration of the tournament. Examples of deception include, but are not limited to:

5.5.1. DDoS attacks
Limit or attempt to limit another participant’s connection to the game through a Distributed Denial of Service attack or any other means.

5.5.2. Alteration of results
Intentionally attempting to alter the results of a competition by losing or attempting to affect the results.

5.5.3. Account sharing
Allow a foreign player, who is not the owner of said account, to play on a player’s account during his official championship, impersonating him in the game.

5.5.4. Software and / or Hardware
Use any software and / or hardware to gain an advantage that the game does not provide in-game. Examples, but not limited to: any form of scripts, deactivated haze, colored patterns, altered textures, or changed sounds.

Betting during any event organized by VIRTUAL SIM RACING (by a player, team or on behalf of anyone associated with the team) is off limits. Those participants will be disqualified from the tournament and will be sanctioned according to the facts.

Any offensive, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike behavior related to VIRTUAL SIM RACING or the event will be punished and may lead to disqualification.

VIRTUAL SIM RACING as organizer of competitions can change the existing rules at any time.

All media files of the race must be kept for at least 14 days. Falsifying or manipulating such files is prohibited and would carry severe penalties. Files must have a clear name based on what they show.

The (race multimedia) is all uploaded file, including, but not limited to: screenshots, ESL Wire files, demos, models and videos.

The screen shot should clearly show the lap time and the circuit on which it was performed.

Retransmitting a VIRTUAL SIM RACING competition will only be allowed under a pre-agreement with the company SIMRACING MOTORSPORT S.L. owner of VIRTUAL SIM RACING. To achieve this agreement, please send an email to to request a collaboration agreement or to be able to carry out retransmissions.

A personal streaming will always be allowed if VIRTUAL SIM RACING is not broadcasting the same competition. The personal streaming of a race shown by VIRTUAL SIM RACING, without express permission from VIRTUAL SIM RACING, may lead to the disqualification of the team involved or the prohibition of being able to broadcast future content during the tournament.

In general, a player may receive a maximum of 6 penalty points, and a team up to 4 per competition, unless a single offense carries a greater penalty. A team is punished only once for infraction, regardless of how many players it has. When a player or team receives the penalty points for not breaking various rules, the points will be added simultaneously.

Violation Penalty Points

Not presented Player: 2; Team 3

Reject Intensive compulsory career (top 10): 2

Cancel career Player Player / Team: 4
Use of non-allowed players

Player / Team Inactivity Lock: 3

Locked Player / Team: 6

Unregistered Player Player / Team: 3

Mercenary Player or False Player / Team: 6

Lack of Premium / Trusted Player / Team: 3

Play with incorrect game account Player / Team: 3

Play without registered game account Player / Team: 3
Competition Archives

Files with suspected use of cheats are missing Player / Team: 6
Fake Player / Team Files: 6
Unsportsmanlike behavior

Multiaccounts Notice; 1 – 3 PP to the player
False nationality Notice; 1 – 3 PP to the player
Eject players Player / Team: 4
Deception / Player / Team Fraud: 1 – 4
False result Player / Team: 4
Fake Player / Team Race: 6
Use of Cheats Player: 12; Team: 6

Races will only be canceled if the team / player who broke the rules won the race.

The admin team will have full decision-making power over situations that are not described in the rules. According to the evidence and evidence provided in a support or protest ticket, the admin team can carry out a punishment that carries from 1 to 6 penalty points depending on the case in question.