The championship final and the award’s ceremony will be held at ANYOS PARK ANDORRA. The finalists will have the accommodation expenses included. Canceled due to COVID-19
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The first classified in the final will received a €1.500 cash reward, in addition, you will enjoy the experience of of driving a competition vehicle on the Andorran circuit.

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The second classified in the final will received a €500 cash reward, in addition, you will enjoy the experience of a snow driving course on the Andorran circuit.

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The third classified in the final will enjoy the experience of a snow or ice driving course on the Andorran circuit with an instructor.


Virtual Rally of Andorra, the first e-Sports competition in Andorra, created by Virtual Sim Racing for pilots from all over the world.


Hone your skills as a Sim Racing pilot in the available areas, feel the asphalt and vibrate in every corner with the multiple settings available that Virtual Sim Racing offers you.


Virtual Sim Racing provides the most realistic racing environment and best vehicle performance so the pilot can feel the braking when cornering or feel the air as he travels on a narrow straight.


Virtual Sim Racing has recreated the 4 most emblematic climbs in Andorra with the aim of offering a unique experience to the racers. Either those who want to get acquainted with the world of Sim Racing or those who are oriented to become professional pilot.


Customize your vehicle and race a unique and exclusive Virtual Sim Racing championship, participate in the 4 most iconic races in Andorra and qualify for an exceptional final.


The top 5 classified in each race will advance to a final to be held in December 2020.

The final and the last chalend of the circuit will be competed in person at ANYÓS PARK ANDORRA with the accommodation expenses paid for the finalists. It will be broadcast live for everyone with professional simulators in official competition vehicles, the drivers will have the real sensations of participating in an official championship.


Get ready to live the Sim Racing competition experience at the highest level!


Virtual Rally of Andorra first Andorra e-Sports competition. It consists of 4 climbs: Arinsal, Roc del Quer, La Comella and Ordino / Arcalis.

  • 10
  • Arinsal-circuit-vsr

    APRIL/MAY 2020



  • 10
  • canillo-circuit-vsr

    JUNY/JULY 2020



  • 10
  • aixovall-circuit-vsr

    SEPTEMBER 2020



  • 10
  • ordino-arcalis-crcuit-vsr




4x3 circuit pack

Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of this limited time offer.

Be the first to enjoy the 4 climbs at the price of 3.

The pack includes climbs to:

  • Arinsal.
  • Roc del Quer.
  • La Comella.
  • Ordino/Arcalis.

How does it work

Once you have paid for the registration of the races, you will receive the circuit download link so that you can train at home or in the professional simulators available, upon reservation, at our facilities.


You will also receive access to the COMPETITION SERVER, which you must access to record your times and be able to record your results within the competition.


In order to record and record your achievements you must enter the name of the pilot accompanied by the user number that the website will provide you at the time of registering for each race, in this way it will be a record of the times you have completed and you can be verified by the organization.


Compete to be one of the 5 best Sim Racing drivers and you will get your pass to the final that will take place in Andorra in person.


If you have already qualified do not stop training and testing our circuits, become the best, learn every inch of the track because the final will be a real endurance test for the most talented riders in the competition.


The final will be held on all circuits and the champion will be the one with the best times in the set of tests.


Download, install and enjoy the most exclusive championship of the moment and get ready to enjoy the final in Andorra with magnificent prizes and many surprises waiting for you!


For more information see our FAQ.

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